What to do with a dancing child

What to do, what to do—It is a most serious problem. You are in the kitchen preparing dinner and you hear music and a light thumping sound coming from your child’s bedroom.

You sneak a peak through the crack in the partially open door and there you behold: dance moves like you have never seen them before. How your child came up with such elaborate moves or where and when he or she ever took up an interest in dancing, you have no idea. But the energy is there. The focus is there. The determination is there.

And…is it talent?

So this is your problem? The solution should be obvious. You need to bring your child to a place where there are children dancing, a place where he or she will have ample opportunity to further explore dance (Dance Connection 2 perhaps?).

There are so many excellent reasons to enroll your child in dance. The lessons learned from organized, professional dance instruction and performances go well beyond perfecting established moves. Dance will also provide your child with life long lessons about dedication, integrity, and social responsibility. In addition, dance will definitely improve your child’s health and possibly even the connection you have with your community.

Your child will have several hours a week of extra practice learning how to follow instruction in an environment where there is no time for fooling around. Children dancing learn to listen and to appreciate time management and the need to be efficient in order to be productive.

Your child will develop self-discipline. Practice, practice, practice. It takes patience and it takes endurance, but it works. When all the hours pay off in a great performance, your child will understand the value of working hard.

The confidence your child gleans from dancing will be well worth the investment of time and energy. Performing as part of a team is the perfect way to build self-esteem and learn how to be in the spotlight, without the pressure of standing alone.

Working together in a group of fellow students and teachers, children that are dancing learn the art of teamwork. Your child will experience what it  means to depend on others and be depended upon in return. Dance will instill an understanding of cooperation and commitment in your child.

A dance team is a community in and of itself, but being part of dance also better establishes the connection between you and the larger community. You and your child will make new friends and those friends will introduce you to things happening outside of your current world, and this may be just the push you need  to get involved elsewhere.

The tremendous health benefits of dancing may be the single most important reason for you to enroll your child in dance. With all of the negative forces out there working against you and your family’s health—fast food restaurants, high fructose corn syrup, television and video games—the cardiovascular intensity of dancing is an awesome defense. If nothing else, dance will teach your child that exercise can be extremely fun.

Brilliant choreography is one of the highest forms of art. Children dancing under the supervision of a professional instructor will feel first hand what it is to be part of something artistically beautiful. In the classic grace of ballet, the powerful bounce of hip-hop, or the sassy snap of jazz, your child will develop a love for dance. Your child will find art.

Whatever the style, please do not let your child’s enthusiasm for dance go unexplored. The potential benefits for you and your child are too great to ignore. Start by checking out Dance Connection 2, and see where it takes you.