Why do children like to dance? Because it’s fun! Especially with small children, anything that involves noise, music, movement and interaction is probably fun, so they’re going to do it and continue until told otherwise. For parents, dance represents a great, safe way for their children to enhance their mental and physical health and also learn discipline and order. Many a child-age dancer has gone on to being an exceptional athlete as well as a fully-adjusted member of society. So all those kids who’ve grown up right can’t be wrong.

Fundamental Drivers

Kids are naturally attracted to motion as well as music. The sound fascinates them and dance is something they feel they can master. That makes it inviting versus scary. When children start realizing they can not only move around but do so with skill, they often try harder still, learning more and more complicated moves. Before long, some very gifted and amazing feats of dance can be performed by children with practice and training. It’s no surprise then that serious, professional dancers all started at a very young age.

When children dance they also feel part of a group. This is a common method of training as most kids align and follow group training very well. It’s a familiar approach they are already used to starting in preschool. Dancing just becomes an extension of that same mode of learning. Keeping up with a children dance group provides a gentle pressure for understanding and learning at the proper pace as well.

Dancing also allows kids to burn off their built up energy. Unlike adults, small children can easily generate lots of angst and agitation very quickly if they don’t have a regular output. That in turn can become bad behavior or short attention span, reducing their ability to behave correctly later in the day. With dance, kids are able to funnel their resources into exercise and motion. Even just an hour a day can make a huge difference. They are then able to behave better, get along better with other children and adults, and  therefore  learn better. That becomes a positive reinforcement which encourages children to dance more and look forward to it.

How to Encourage More

Dance classes are often the first option most parents choose, but care needs to be taken choosing a class. While many introduction classes may be fine just to expose a child to dancing, more serious classes often have a range of instructor types ranging from very strict and disciplinarian to very open and unorganized. For just learning dance in general and enjoyment for a child, a middle of road class style is probably the best approach. Too little organization and the child won’t learn anything, thinking the exercise is just free chaos. Too strict, and a child might get scared or stressed and not want to participate anymore.

Children”s dance is often a group event and exercise, which helps children socialize far more than the classroom or at recess. They have to learn how to work as a team in combined dance exercises. That means learning timing, understanding different roles, and how to play a part in a bigger process. All of these concepts are fundamental to proper socialization and learning related interaction skills. These same  aspects help children adjust better in school and as adults in the workplace.

In Summary

Children dance interest exists because it feels like a natural, positive interaction to children. They enjoy and move to dance quickly in most cases because it makes them feel happy and safe and free to express themselves to the form. Dance can be exhilarating and exciting. And it allows children to grow in so many healthy ways at the same time.

To foster this interest when it first occurs is often the strongest moment that will carry dance in a child through following years. With help from Dance Connection 2, those dreams and core interest can be fostered and grown, developing in dance skills in everything from ballet to tap, to ballroom dancing, to fitness. Dance Connection 2 staff provide regular multiple classes on difference schedules, so parents can find times that work for them and their workdays versus trying to resolve timing conflicts. So if you’re in the Chandler, AZ region and looking for a way to boost your child’s interest in dance, give Dance Collection 2 a call. They can open up the skill and opportunity for children to go further with all types of dance.