This team is for Ages 3 – 5 and was created to teach and enable your child to have fun while they grow and learn how to perform. They will focus on learning a routine and work on memory, staging and performing. The happiness you experience while watching your little one take on the stage will only be surpassed by the fun your child has showing you what they have learned. Our CanCan’s will take 2 classes a week, one being there designated CanCan class and the other being any other combo class we have that works with your schedule. 

Interested in joining the CanCan’s? Simply just sign up for the class here and presto, the fun will begin.



Designed to be for Ages 6 – 18 this performing team is the face of CanDance Studios out in our local community. This team is broken down into 3 groups our Minis Ages 6-7, Juniors Ages 8-11 And Teens Ages 12-18. Focused on performing this team will also compete in one competition and Disneyland performance each season. Each team member will take a Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and CanDancer class each week. While working on technique, flexibility, performing and dancing, we really pride ourselves in the confidence your child will build while being apart of the team.



We love CanDance.  Our daughter Olivia is in love with Ms. Megan and loves to perform with her team!  We moved to Gilbert from West Phoenix and love our transisition.  Our daughter has really found her place and we see a positive growth in her dance but also her personality.


Auditions are held at the end of May/Beginning of June.  Contact us for more information.

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