Heart-felt inspiration for the future, for the children, for humanity is the overwhelming feeling when Hope kids come to Dance Connection 2. Dance students from DC2 spread the love when they volunteer their time, energy, and skills to teach the children from Hope kids some of their best dance moves. The patience and attention to the Hope kids’ needs by the DC2 students as they help a little girl adjust her slippers or help one of the older girls do her first turn is heartwarming and amazing. The focus and inhibition and striving of the Hope kids as they enter into the magical world of dance is magnificent and inspiring.

What is Hope Kids

Hope Kids is a nonprofit organization created for children, and their families, who are suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The nonprofit organizes events and programs that will literally bring that spark of hope back into the children’s eyes.

Unlike most children who are facing peer pressure, rigorous homework, and trying to figure out what college to attend these kids are facing the possibility of death head-on, everyday. The nonprofit organization helps them to step out of their harsh reality, if only for a few hours or days, and enjoy what most healthy children enjoy and take for granted all the time. They are indeed an inspiration to us all.

Hope and Dance

What do you get when you combine disciplined dance students, an open studio, and children with an overwhelming desire to express themselves? You get beauty, hope, and love. The Hope Kids coming into the studio have probably never had the opportunity to express themselves through dance like the Dance Connection 2 students teach them to do. The effervescent quality of their energy, their full smiles, and their uninhibited expression of their inner feelings through dance will bring tears to even the most stoic among us.

The combination of seeing these children who are facing an uncertain future dance their heart’s out and the dedication, warmth, and genuine care of the Dance Connection 2 students not only gives us hope for the future of these children but hope for humanity. The students ofDance Connection 2 inspire compassion, love, and empathy. The children from Hope Kids inspire hope, courage, and gratitude for those things we often take for granted.

For all the children time stands still, the harsh realities of life are forgotten, and the future is the present moment as the children work together to express their innermost feelings through dance. What is surprising is their feelings are predominantly joy as they move their bodies in rhythm and not sadness or moodiness as one might expect from children facing such odds. They are teaching us all a lesson about life, about what matters most.

After some dance instructions, some hard work, and a whole lot of fun, the students of DC2 and the kids from Hope Kids come together to create a performance unlike any dance performance you have seen before. It truly is one of those moments in life that you will not soon forget. The melding of heart’s on different paths with compassion, hope, empathy, and love. It truly is A Season To Shine.

A Season To Shine

The students of Dance Connection 2 have done so much for the children of Hope Kids, but they also wanted to leave a little something for the organization itself. The children from Hope, with the help of DC2, wanted to give something back to Hope For Kids to pass along the giving to other kids they help. Dance Connection 2 and the kids from Hope Kids worked hard to create a Christmas dance program called A Season To Shine. This Christmas production showing off the talents of the students from Dance Connection and the newly taught students from the nonprofit is a spectacular example of Christmas Spirit. All the kids dance their hearts out for the audience. All the proceeds from the event are donated to Hope For Kids to further the love and compassion of giving hope to children facing life-threatening hardships. This is truly what Christmas is all about.

Why Dance

The truth is everyone likes to dance. Many people choose to only dance in private. Maybe they dance while singing in the shower. Maybe they dance while cleaning the house. Maybe they dance while sitting in their car listening to the radio. Some people dance only in certain settings, such as weddings, salsa nights, etc. Some people will only dance if their wives threaten them. But the reality is everyone wants to dance many times throughout the day. Why?

The reason that dancing appeals to everyone is because it is a form of self-expression that has been around for millions of years. But it is more than just self-expression. Dance is celebration. Dance is honoring. Dance is ritual. Dance is so much a part of our inner lives that it provides an outlet that keeps us healthy, happy, and hopeful.

Perhaps the greatest proof that dance feeds a child’s soul is to witness the dancing of the Hope kids. Dancing for healthy children is great. Dancing for children facing a life-threatening illness is a chance to experience a dream. A dream to float and move to music. A dream to enjoy the funny dance moves they can create. A dream to be just like other kids their age. Smiles and laughter abound as they dance their own unique style and create memorable moments to be cherished by the children and their families.

Dance Connection 2 — A Dance Studio With Heart

Dance Connection 2 is more than just a dance studio. Yes it is a studio. Yes they teach dance. But this dance studio has heart. Heart, more than talent, more than means, more than dedication is what defines a truly beautiful dance. It is from the heart that our greatest desires burst forth. When a dance studio is able to capture the power of the heart and weave it into dancing the students are blessed with more than just learning dance. They are blessed with a sense of self-expression. When a dancer is able to tap into self-expression it doesn’t matter if they miss a step or forget a move; they will capture the heart of the audience because their heart is open and flowing and bursting forth with emotion.

Anytime you are fortunate enough to stumble upon an organization that cares about heart connection you have found a sanctuary for your children. A place where they can be themselves and express their innermost desires through dance. But the heart-connection doesn’t stop with the children or with the instructors, it continues to spread out and everyone it touches is pulled into the loving family atmosphere that permeates Dance Connection 2.

Knowing there are organizations like Dance Connection 2 and Hope Kids is comforting in our chaotic world. It is nice to know that there is a sanctuary for our children. A place where they can count on having the freedom to just be themselves and express who they are through dance.

To discuss what program is right for your child, contact DC2 today.