Disney Loves Dynamite Express

Dynamite Express is lucky enough to dance at the Disneyland Theme Park!

Dynamite Express Performs at Disney

Dynamite Express shares the stage with many of the wonderful characters of Disneyland.

The Dynamite Express Dance Team lead the way for the fun and excited ABC Disney Parade.  Right in back of the parade was the character Mater from cars, after that was the rest of the Disney line up.  It was a absolute blast for these girls.  Over 100 dancers from DC2 joined together for fun rehearsals and memorable performances.  All of the young performers had an absolute blast expressing themselves as a unified jazz team in front of many onlookers.  They represented Arizona and the rest of the nation with great dance technique and positive teamwork.

[twocol_one]Dynamite Express at Disneyland[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Since Fall of 2012, Dynamite Express has performed amongst thousands of spectators in the streets of the Disneyland Theme Park.  This fall Dance Connection 2’s Dynamite Express are going to be parading their way through the awesome sights of Disney again!  Members of the Dynamite Express really look forward to this awesome event.  It truly is one of the most spectacular parades they will ever do in their life time.  Dance Connection 2 is proud to be one of few dance studios in the United States to be called back annually to perform for Disney.  This year is no exception – It will be filled with many memories and fun moments not just for these dancers but also for the parents themselves.[/twocol_one_last]

My daughter has absolutely been bugging me about going to Disney. The fact that we get to also perform is a huge bonus! The Fall cannot come fast enough – She is counting down the days

Dynamite Express Is The Best Dance Team For Disney

Dynamite Express at Disney

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