Dynamite Express Dance Team Challenge:

Learn everything you can and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities that you will have as a DYNAMITE EXPRESS team member.  Be the best you can be and always strive to be beautiful, both inside and out.  Be a good sport, a good friend; and most of all, a good member of the team.

Remember!  A girl completely wrapped up in herself makes a very small package.

Dynamite Express

What will Dynamite Express Dance Team do for my Daughter?

Dynamite Express is a fun, positive dance environment for beginning and intermediate dancers who want to be apart of a growing dance team.  This group of young girls 5-17 years old practice weekly and perform monthly at dance events at local high schools, community colleges, national sports teams, parades, competitions and more.  Many of the dancers in Dynamite Express are returning from the previous year because they had so much fun!

12 Reasons To Join Dynamite Express:

  • Provide professional DANCE TRAINING and a well-rounded education in dance.
  • Give a feeling of SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF WORTH.
  • Provide ample OPPORTUNITY TO PERFORM and display new talents.
  • Give exposure to TEAMWORK and DEVELOP SKILLS of working together.
  • Teach the importance of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.
  • Teach the importance of looking, behaving, and performing in a BEAUTIFUL MANNER.
  • Teach the important qualities of:  PUNCTUALITY, DEPENDABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY, which they owe to their fellow team members.
  • Give a direction in which to POSITIVELY CHANEL the energy and enthusiasm of youth, while providing a skill and a challenging atmosphere.
  • Encourage EXCELLENCE, in an area that they love, to provide many skills, and develop life- long qualities of POSITIVE THINKING.
  • Give the opportunity to meet many different people and develop SOCIAL SKILLS.
  • Give the opportunity to TRAVEL and perform out of the state and to create WONDERFUL MEMORIES.
  • Give our young ladies a positive attitude about themselves which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  A POSITIVE SELF IMAGE creates a successful child, which is a solid foundation that a successful life can be built upon.

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Dynamite Express

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